Friday, November 23, 2007

Thing 23

It was very interesting to learn about the multitude of technology that is available. It was a little frustrating to not have the time to examine all of the resources completely. I will use some of the new excel resources and not only rely on what is loaded on our computers. I also found the blog information helpful to use for some committee work. I haven't begun the blog I have planned but it will be much more efficient than the many duplicate emails.

I also thought that with so many new resources , rss, podcasts for instance that it would be a great if Information Services could have some additional staff to feature these on our homepage.
It would also be helpful if new enhancements were advertised and given as a learning activity a few times a year.
And I know this would involve some updating but it may be helpful to have a page on Information Services department with the Maryland 23 activities and steps so staff could refresh their learning. Sorry to be so creative making more work for someone else but it was a very worthwhile experience that could be lost if it is not used.

Thing 22

I was familiar with the Overdrive but the detailed explanations were helpful to refresh my memory and be able to explaint to patrons. I also was surprised by the amount of content on Project Gutenberg.

Thing 21

I viewed a few library podcasts (Merlin, Odeo and Denver Public Library). I can see some great use for systemwide training of various topics that would allow more staff access.

Thing 20

I viewed several funny pet sites on YouTube. I didn't successfully download to my blog. I will try a frew more times to have a video attached.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thing 19

I explored Facebook and NewVibes. I have set up an account with each.

Thing 18

I wasn't aware there were so many other resources besides the word and excel. I am going to move on of my excel sheets and see which is easist to maneuver.

Thing 17

I didn't find it easy to add my blog.Bloglines was much easier but I have accomplished this and am added to the Baltimore County list.